How A Father Survived After Being Retrenched Twice


How A Father Survived After Being Retrenched Twice In the Corporate World He Served Over 20 Years

Hi, I am Eric and I used to served and worked for a corporate world for more than 20 years.

Like many people, I used to think having job stability with steady 6-figure income annually is the most important goal in my career journey.

Not until I get my second retrenchment in year 2010 and obviously I wasn't able to hold my job due to declining industry and business downturn during the period.

My wife and I were mentally and financially hit so badly because we didn't save enough and prepared for the setback and tragedy.

We went through hardest moment where our saving couldn't afford us to pay for our kid's necessity, car loan wasn't paid up in time and house mortgages was far over due.

A Decisive Change In My Life

I took drastic change in my life by making wise decision to learn the investing knowledge and determined to learn from the best and master the skills they have how to invest and be profitable.

Frankly, It wasn’t that long for me to realized most richest people in the world were investing in Stocks and that includes people like Mr. Adam Khoo, Mr. Cayden Chang and also Mr. Warren Buffet.

Today, I’ve quitted my corporate job since 2010 and have turned into full-time life-style trader that allows me to spend most of my time with my 2 kids and also my beautiful 3-month baby girl.

Since then, I “work” smarter and trade confidently… and thanks to my mentors and the knowledge I’ve gained over the years that produces consistent income from the Stock Market.

I’d love to show you how I make it. Join me now on my next session.

I look forward to meet you very soon!

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